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The Actor and Photographer
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Our Roddy left us Saturday, October 3, 1998. He is now in the presence of our Lord.

Roddy McDowall will always be best known for his roles in "How Green Was My Valley," "Lassie Come Home," and "Planet of the Apes."
Did you know? - Roddy had been an actor since his first role in the British film, "Scruffy" in 1938 and had more than 140 films to his credit.

In Roddy's vast acting career he had played mostly character roles.
Did you know? - "On the Sunny Side," which was filmed in 1942, Roddy had star billing for the first time.

His television appearances are too numerous to mention, they just boggle the mind.
Did you know? - Roddy's actual first televised appearance was in the Spring of 1947, before the "Golden Age of Television" began, on the local TV station, KTLA, in a college quiz show, "Pantomime Quiz," with a well known radio announcer, Mike Stokey, as emcee.

Not very many people are aware that Roddy did do his share of radio too.
Did you know? - Roddy had his own radio show for one season from 1949-50 and it was called "The Roddy McDowall Show."

His first Broadway debut was in 1953 with the play, "Misalliance."
Did you know? - Roddy's stage debut was with a play titled "Young Woodley" at Westport Country Playhouse, Connecticut, in 1946.

He had published five coffee-table books, "Double Exposure," "Double Exposure Take Two," "Double Exposure Take Three," "Double Exposure Take Four," and a revised edition of his first book, "Double Exposure."
Did you know? - Roddy had been a published photographer since 1960 with his photo of Judy Holliday in the play "Laurette."

He was just a man, but one who was passionate in all of his professional endeavors. He will surely be missed.

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