Encounters of the Second Kind With Roddy:
by sally mierop

Roddy McDowall at local talk show Went to a local TV show, "The Morning Exchange", in the early morning just like I had planned. RM was to have a guest appearance. He came on in the latter hour of the show for about ten minutes. I took some pictures of him from my zoom lens. I did get his attention for a second by shouting, "Good Luck, Roddy", as he passed by. I waved and he waved back. He didn't stick around though.

The play is so much better now with all the kinks worked out. They changed some things and added a few others. It's quite polished now. Our seats were very close to the front center of the stage, so we didn't need any binoculars.

By the time we got backstage, RM was almost out of the theatre. He was in such a hurry to leave that we would have missed him if there weren't two autograph seekers detaining him in the hallway. My husband, Paul, hurriedly pulled out our picture, program, and Playboy to be autographed. I tried breaking the ice by saying, "Nice ring". It's an inside joke between RM and a radio interviewer in Cleveland. He gave a brief chuckle. Paul told him that the picture was taken of us in Detroit during the run there. RM said, "You saw the play in Detroit?". I told him, "I'm Mrs. Mierop who you wrote a letter to. Don't you remember?", as I lifted up his card. He just said, "Yes". I really don't think he did. Paul stated he liked the new twists in the play. RM replied that it was more polished now. I had him sign the Playboy on one of Elizabeth Taylor's pictures in Cleopatra. I informed him that was my favorite. I did, in fact, mention the fan club. (Me), "Did you know you have a fan club on the Internet?" RM's reply, "No". (Me), "There's about twelve of us." No other comment. He was in a hurry to get away. I was so hurt as he turned to leave. I offered my hand and he shook it. In my most controlled voice, I said, "Good-bye Roddy" and he, in turn, said, "Good-bye". Unless he was blind, he couldn't mistake the disappointment I had in my eyes as I stared into his. He left quickly down the stairs with his big bodyguard. Paul took a few pictures of his dressing room door. We were the last ones to leave. They almost locked us inside the alley. Surprisingly, I was quite calm during the whole episode.

Stay tuned for Encounters of the Third Kind With Roddy. Coming soon to your neighborhood theatre.

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