McDowall: Literary Work
compiled by Sally Mierop

Photoplay Magazine February 1944
Article: "This is Our Job"
Written by Roddy McDowall

Movies February 1944

Article: "Life With Mother"
Written by Roddy McDowall

Lion's Roar July 1944

Article: "People I Have Met"
Written by Roddy McDowall

Saturday Evening Post June 21, 1947

Article: "The Role I Liked Best ..."
Written by Roddy McDowall

Life With Music December 1949

Article: "Buttons and Dials"
Written by Roddy McDowall

Hollywood Reporter The Thirty-Second Anniversay Issue 1962

Article: "About Biting Hands"
Written by Roddy McDowall

Interview Magazine October 1989

Article: Preview: "Legendary Louise Brooks"
Remarks by Roddy McDowall

Ava: My Story

Author: Ava Gardner
Publisher: Bantam Books, New York
©1990 C & J Films, Inc. 315 p.
Chapter "Roddy McDowall" written by Roddy McDowall

Interview Magazine December 1990

Article: "Tim Burton and Vincent Price"
Interviews by Roddy McDowall and Graham Fuller (photos by RM)

Interview Magazine February 1991

Article: "Lynn and Vanessa Redgraves"
Interview and photographs by Roddy McDowall

Premiere Magazine July 1991

Article: "Sitting Pretty: After a Twenty-year Absence, Actress Maureen O'Hara Returns to the Silver Screen"
Interview and photograph by Roddy McDowall

The Bette Davis Collection (videodisc collection)

MGM/UA Home Video
©1991 Harlequin Enterprises, Ltd.
Insert written by Roddy McDowall

Opportunities in Acting Careers

Author: Dick Moore
Publisher: NTC Publishing Group (VGM Career Horizons)
©1993 148 p.
Foreword written by Roddy McDowall

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