McDowall: Television Appearances
compiled by Sally Mierop

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Pantomime Quiz
    quiz show (impromptu guest appearance)
    Spring 1947 KTLA
Hollywood On the Line   [top]
    celebrity show

Twenty Questions
    game show (guest)
    1951 ABC, DuMont
Hill Number One:
    A Story of Faith and Inspiration

Robert Montgomery Presents
    When We Are Married
    7/2/51 NBC
Celanese TV Playhouse
    Ah, Wilderness!
Lux Video Theater
    The Blues Street
    12/17/51 CBS
Freddy Martin Show
    musical variety (guest)
    1951 NBC
Chance of a Lifetime
    quiz show (guest)
    1951 ABC
Kraft Theater
    Philip Goes Forth
    1/9/52 NBC
Battle of the Ages
    talent show (guest)
    1952 DuMont, CBS
Cameo Theatre
    The Thompsons
    2/17/52 NBC
Hollywood Screen Test
    Blind Victory (talent show)
    1952 ABC
Lux Video Theater
    Salad Days
    4/28/52 CBS
Broadway Television Theater
    It Pays to Advertise
    10/13/52 Non-network
Hollywood Screen Test
    For the Love of Mike (talent show)
    1953 ABC
Medallion Theater
    A Suitable Marriage
    1/2/54 CBS
Campbell Television Soundstage
    The Shy One
Goodyear TV Playhouse
    Buy Me Blue Ribbons
    2/28/54 NBC
Armstrong Circle Theater
    My Client, McDuff
    4/6/54 NBC
General Motors Theatre
    Bruno and Sydney
Robert Montgomery Presents
    Great Expectations: The Promise (Part I)
    6/14/54 NBC
Robert Montgomery Presents
    Great Expectations: The Reality (Part II)
    6/21/54 NBC
Kraft Theater
    The Shop at Sly Corner
    10/21/54 NBC
Kraft Theater
    11/24/54 NBC
Elgin Hour
    Yesterday's Magic
    12/14/54 ABC
Pond's Theater
    The Silver Box
    3/17/55 ABC
Hallmark Hall of Fame
    The Good Fairy
    2/5/56 NBC
Goodyear Playhouse
    In the Days of Our Youth
    5/20/56 NBC
General Electric Theatre
    O'Hoolihan and the Leprechaun
    6/3/56 CBS
Kaiser Aluminum Hour
    12/18/56 NBC
Lux Video Theatre
    Michael and Mary
    12/27/56 NBC
The Arlene Francis Show
    variety show (guest)
    1957 NBC
Matinee Theater
    The Vicarious Years
    3/28/57 NBC
Matinee Theater
    Talk You of Killing?
    4/4/57 NBC
Kraft Theater
    A Night of Rain
    4/24/57 NBC
Goodyear Playhouse
    The Treasure Hunters
    5/26/57 NBC
Matinee Theater
    Rain in the Morning
    6/5/57 NBC
Matinee Theater
    White-Headed Boy
    6/12/57 NBC
Alcoa Hour
    He's for Me
    7/21/57 NBC
    The Woman with Red Hair
    5/5/58 NBC
NBC Television
    The American Scene

The Arthur Murray Party
    musical variety (guest)
    1958 NBC
Kraft Theater
    The Last of the Belles
    6/4/58 NBC
Matinee Theatre
    Washington Square
    6/12/58 NBC
    The Imposter
    7/14/58 NBC
A Thing to Fight For
    (telefilm, narrator)
Playhouse 90
    Heart of Darkness
    11/6/58 CBS
U.S. Steel Hour
    Night of Betrayal
    3/25/59 CBS
Oldsmobile Presents
    Too Bad About Sheila Troy (Part I)
    4/16/59 NBC
Oldsmobile Presents
    Too Bad About Sheila Troy (Part II)
    4/23/59 NBC
DuPont Show of the Month   [top]
    Billy Budd
    5/25/59 CBS

The Arthur Murray Party
    musical variety (guest)
    1960 NBC
Hallmark Hall of Fame
    The Tempest
    2/3/60 NBC
Art Carney Revue
    The Best of Anything
    3/4/60 NBC
Twilight Zone
    People Are Alike All Over
    3/25/60 CBS
Person to Person
    8/18/60 CBS
Equitable's American Heritage
    Not Without Honor
    10/21/60 NBC
Naked City
    The Fault in Our Stars
    3/22/61 ABC
Play of the Week
    In a Garden
    4/10/61 Non-network
The Power and the Glory
    10/29/61 CBS
Fractured Flickers
    (animated, voice only)
Stump the Stars
    game show (guest)
    8/12/63 CBS
Arrest and Trial
    Journey Into Darkness
    12/8/63 ABC
    game show (guest)
    1964 CBS
Eleventh Hour
    The Only Remaining Copy in the British
    2/12/64 NBC
Bob Hope Chrysler Theater
    Wake Up, Darling
    2/21/64 NBC
Alfred Hitchcock Hour
    The Gentleman Caller
    4/10/64 CBS
Alfred Hitchcock Hour
    See the Monkey Dance
    11/9/64 CBS
Bob Hope Chrysler Theater
    Mr. Biddle's Crime Wave
    12/4/64 NBC
    The Long Walk
    12/15/64 ABC
Kraft Suspense Theater
    The Wine-Dark Sea
    12/31/64 NBC
Ben Casey
    When I Am Grown to Man's Estate
    2/8/65 ABC
12 O'Clock High
    Angel Babe
    2/28/66 ABC
Run for Your Life
    Don't Count on Tomorrow
    3/28/66 NBC
    The Bookworm Turns
    4/20/66 ABC
    While Gotham City Burns
    4/21/66 ABC
Bob Hope Chrysler Theater
    The Fatal Mistake
    11/30/66 NBC
The Andy Williams Show
    musical variety (guest)
    1966 NBC
The Invaders
    The Experiment
    1/17/67 ABC
The Danny Kaye Show
    musical variety (guest)
    3/15/67 CBS
Hallmark Hall of Fame
    Saint Joan
    12/4/67 NBC
Danny Thomas Hour
    The Cricket on the Hearth (voice only)
    12/18/67 NBC
Felony Squad
    The Flip Side of Fear
    1/15, 1/22/68 ABC
Win with the Stars
    game show (guest)
    1968 Non-network
Name of the Game
    The White Birch
    11/29/68 NBC
Journey to the Unknown
    The Killing Bottle
    1/23/69 ABC
Revenge of TV Bloopers
The Legend of Robin Hood
    (musical special)
It Takes a Thief
    Boom at the Top
    2/25/69 ABC
Night Gallery   [top]
    The Cemetery (pilot)
    11/8/69 NBC

Name of the Game
    Why I Blew Up Dakota
    12/4/70 NBC
Medical Center
    12/9/70 CBS
Terror in the Sky
    9/17/71 CBS
A Taste of Evil
    10/12/71 ABC
    Murder Impromptu
    11/2/71 NBC
What's a Nice Girl Like You
    12/18/71 ABC
    Short Fuse
    1/19/72 NBC
Love, American Style
    Love And The Sensuous Twin
    9/15/72 ABC
Delphi Bureau
    The Man Upstairs--The Man Downstairs
    10/26/72 ABC
The Rookies
    Dirge for Sunday
    10/30/72 ABC
Mission: Impossible
    Mission: Abort an Extortion Scheme
    12/22/72 CBS
    The Park Avenue Rustlers
    12/24/72 NBC
Barnaby Jones
    See Some Evil...Do Some Evil
    4/8/73 CBS
Topper Returns
    4/19/73 NBC
Love, American Style
    Love And The Stutter
    10/5/73 ABC
McMillan and Wife
    Death of a Monster...Birth of a Legend
    9/30/73 NBC
Miracle on 34th Street
    12/14/73 CBS
To Lassie, With Love
The Elevator
    2/9/74 ABC
The Carol Burnett Show
    3/16/74 CBS
Snoop Sisters
    A Black Day for Bluebeard
    3/19/74 NBC
Hollywood Squares
    game show 45 appearances
    1974 NBC
Darryl F. Zanuck
Planet of the Apes
    (13 episodes aired originally, series)
    9/13/74 to 12/27/74 CBS
The Carol Burnett Show
    (guest) 2 appearances
    3/15/75 & 11/8/75 CBS
The White Seal
    (animated special; narrator)
    3/24/75 CBS
Magnificent Marble Machine
    game show 10 appearances
    1975 NBC
Hollywood Squares
    game show 78 appearances
    1975 NBC
Merv Griffin Show
    talk show (guest)
    1975 ABC
Dinah Shore Show
Elizabeth Taylor Television Special
Police Woman
    Pawns of Power
    9/12/75 NBC
Ellery Queen
    The Adventure of the Black Falcon
    1/4/76 NBC
Mowgli's Brothers
    (animated special; voice only)
    2/11/76 CBS
Harry O
    The Strange Case of Lester and Dr. Fong
    3/18/76 ABC
Bicentennial Minute
Hollywood Squares
    game show 53 appearances
     1976 NBC
Storybook Squares
    game show
    1976 NBC
Magnificent Marble Machine
    game show 5 appearances
    1976 NBC
Mike Douglas Show
The Carol Burnett Show
    10/30/76 CBS
    11/24/76 NBC
Hollywood Squares
    game show 46 appearances
    1977 NBC
To Say The Least
    game show 10 appearances
The Fantastic Journey
    (8 episodes, series)
    2/3/77 to 6/17/77 NBC
The Rhinemann Exchange
    3/10, 3/17, 3/24/77 NBC
The Tonight Show
    1977 NBC
The Feather and Father Gang
    The Mayan Connection
    6/25/77 ABC
Laugh-In '77
    (special, guest)
    9/77 NBC
New Adventures of Wonder Woman
    The Man Who Made Volcanoes
    11/18/77 CBS
An All-Star Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor
    (special; guest)
    12/1/77 CBS
The Carol Burnett Show
    1977 CBS
Hollywood Squares
    game show 15 appearances
    1978 NBC
The Carol Burnett Show
    1/8/78 CBS
New Adventures of Wonder Woman
    The Fine Art of Crime
    10/13/78 CBS
The Immigrants
    11/20, 11/21/78
The Thief of Baghdad
    11/23/78 NBC
Hollywood Squares
    game show 15 appearances
    1979 NBC
Flying High
    Eye Opener
    (not aired) 1979 CBS
The Hollywood Musicals
    (host) series
    2/6/79 PBS
    Billy, Wally, Ludmilla and Theodore
    2/16/79 NBC
    The Green Girl
    4/28/79 NBC
I Am Child
Fantasy Island
    Command Performance
    5/12/79 ABC
A Man Called Sloane
    The Seduction Squad (pilot)
    9/22/79 NBC
Trapper John, M.D.
    Flashback (pilot)
    9/23/79 CBS
Hart to Hart
    Hart to Hart (pilot)
    9/25/79 ABC
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
    Planet of the Slave Girls (pilot)
    9/27/79 NBC
Mork and Mindy
    Dr. Morkenstein (voice only)
    10/7/79 ABC
Fantasy Island   [top]
    The Boss
    10/20/79 ABC
Love Boat
    Don't Push Me
    10/27/79 ABC

The Martian Chronicles
    1/27, 1/28, 1/29/80 NBC
The Memory of Eva Ryker
    5/7/80 CBS
Return of the King
    (animated telefilm; voice only)
    5/11/80 ABC
    game show 5 appearances
Hollywood Squares
    game show 17 appearances
    1980 NBC
Gracie Fields
    (BBC documentary)
Fantasy Island
    The Devil and Mandy Breem
    10/25/80 ABC
Here's Boomer
    Boomer and Miss 21st Century
    12/7/80 NBC
The New Planet of The Apes
Introductions & closings for the old 1974 TV
series made as two-hour movies
    1981 ABC
Hollywood Squares
    game show 5 appearances
    1981 NBC
The Million Dollar Face
    3/12/81 NBC
Fantasy Island
    The Devil and Mr. Roarke
    10/17/81 ABC
The Golden Age of Television
    No Time for Sergeants (host)
    11/29/81 PBS
Judgment Day
    12/6/81 NBC
Steve Martin's Twilight Theatre
    2/13/82 NBC
Mae West
    5/2/82 ABC
Tales of the Gold Monkey
    (20 episodes, series)
    9/29/82 to 4/8/83 ABC
The Tonight Show
    (guest with Joan Rivers)
    1982 NBC
Fantasy Island
    Natchez Bound
    11/6/82 ABC
Circus of the Stars
    TV special
    12/5/82 CBS
Faerie Tale Theater
    Rapunzel (narrator)
    2/5/83 SHO
Small and Frye
    6/1/83 CBS
Hollywood Ballyhoo
    The Greatest Story Ever Told
    game show 5 appearances
Walt Disney's Epcot Presents
    5 three-minute segments on photography
    1983 CBS
Hollywood's Children
    (narrator, documentary)
This Girl for Hire
    11/1/83 CBS
The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood
    5/22/84 CBS
London and Davis in New York
    9/19/84 CBS
    Intimate Strangers
    9/26/84 ABC
Merv Griffin Show
(guest appearance along with Dick Moore and Jane Powell)
    1984 ABC
Hollywood Wives
    2/17, 2/18, 2/19/85 ABC
The Wind in the Willows
    (animated telefilm; voice only)
    6/30/85 ABC
Entertainment Tonight
    1985 CBS
Merv Griffin Show
    talk show
    1985 ABC
The Tonight Show
    (guest with Joan Rivers)
    1985 NBC
Natalie - A Tribute to a Very Special Lady
    9/19/85 PBS
Murder, She Wrote
    School for Scandal
    10/20/85 CBS
Alice in Wonderland
    / Alice Through the Looking Glass

    12/9, 12/10/85 CBS
George Burns Comedy Week
    Christmas Carol II: The Sequel
    12/11/85 CBS
Bridges to Cross
    (6 episodes, series)
    4/24/86 to 6/12/86 CBS
The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers
    talk show 2 appearances
Lerner & Loewe Special
    1987 PBS
    The Chef
    1/6/87 NBC
    talk show
Today Show
    2/10/87 NBC
The Wizard
    H.E.N.R.I. VIII (voice only)
    3/14/87 CBS
The Late Show Starring Joan Rivers
    talk show
Happy Birthday, Hollywood
    5/18/87 ABC
Win, Lose or Draw
    game show 5 appearances
    1987 NBC
Hollywood Squares
    game show 5 appearances
    1988 NBC
Film on Film
    Starring Natalie Wood
    (series; interview)
    7/9/88 PBS
Remo Williams
    8/15/88 ABC
The Kennedy Center Honors:
    A Celebration of the Performing Arts

    12/30/88 CBS
America's All-Star Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor
    3/9/89 ABC
Around the World in 80 Days
    4/16, 4/17, 4/18/89 NBC
The Pat Sajak Show
    talk show
    5/89 CBS
Nightmare Classics
    Carmilla (telefilm)
    9/89 SHO
The Joan Rivers Show
    talk show
    10/23/89 CBS
American Masters
    Harold Lloyd - The Third Genius
    11/15, 11/22/89 PBS
Film on Film
When We Were Young:
    Growing Up on the Silver Screen

    12/7/89 PBS
Murder She Wrote
    Fire Burn, Caldron Bubble
    1989 CBS
    The Starlet
    1989 NBC
Crazy about the Movies
    Montgomery Clift (interview)
    1989 Cinemax
Lassie TV Special
    Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast, Lunch,
    and Dinner?
    1989 PBS
Encounters of The Fourth Kind -   [top]
    A Report on Communion
    (special; host)

International Film Festival
    26 introductions (foreign films)
    2/4/90 - 7/29/90 TNT
Whip Valentine
    The Fourth Spike (pilot)
    1990 NBC
The New Lassie
    A Will and a Way
The New Lassie
    Leeds, The Judge
Late Night with Bob Costas
    talk show
    1990 NBC
Deadly Game
    7/10/91 USA
Crazy about the Movies
    Dennis Hopper (interview)
    1991 Cinemax
The Pirates of Dark Water
    (animated; miniseries, voice only)
    2/25/91 FOX
Earth Angel
    3/4/91 ABC
Prince Valiant
    (animated; voice only)
Timmy's Gift
    A Precious Moments Christmas

    (animated; narrator)
An Inconvenient Woman
    5/12, 5/13/91 ABC
Stars and Stripes: Hollywood and World War II
    11/11/91 AMC
Darkwing Duck
    (animated; voice only)
Crazy about the Movies
    Ava Gardner (interview)
    1992 Cinemax
Quantum Leap
    A Leap For Lisa
    5/20/92 NBC
Batman: The Animated Series
    Mad as a Hatter (voice only)
    10/12/92 FOX Kids Network
Batman: The Animated Series
    Perchance to Dream (voice only)
    10/19/92 FOX Kids Network
Good Morning America
    10/27/92 ABC
Sidney Sheldon's The Sands of Time
    11/30, 12/1/92
MGM, When the Lion Roars
    (special; interview)
    1992 PBS
This is Your Life
    Roddy McDowall
2 Stupid Dogs - Secret Squirrel
    Art Thief (animated; voice only)
    1993 Syndicated/TBS
Swat Kats
    Enter the Madkat (animated; voice only)
American Film Institute's
    A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

    5/5/93 ABC
Dream On
    Depth Be Not Proud
    6/16/93 HBO
Batman: The Animated Series
    The Worry Men (voice only)
    9/16/93 FOX Kids Network
    Elizabeth Taylor (interview)
    9/93 A&E
    John Ford (interview)
    1993 A&E
    Vincent Price: the Versatile Villain (interview)
    10/26/93 A&E
Tales of The Little Princess
    Friends Are Forever (animated; voice only)
The Red Planet
    (animated; voice only)
    1993 FOX Kids Network
    1/29/94 SHO
Hart to Hart: Home is Where The Hart Is
    2/18/94 NBC
Batman: The Animated Series
    The Trial (voice only)
    5/16/94 FOX Kids Network
The Story of Lassie
    (documentary, interview)
    8/13/94 PBS
Lassie Unleashed
    (special, interview)
    1994 ABC
Burke's Law
    Who Killed Alexander the Great?
    1994 CBS
Galaxy Beat
    (pilot; voice only)
Mirror Mirror 2: Raven Dance
    1994 SHO
The Tick: Animated Series
    The Tick vs. The Breadmaster (voice only)
    1994 FOX
    Bette Davis: If Looks Could Kill (interview)
    1994 A&E
    Darryl Zanuck: 20th Century Filmmaker (interview)
    1995 A&E
    Debbie Reynolds (comments)
    1995 A&E
The Alien Within
    7/18/95 SHO
Great Performances
    A Retrospective Portrait of Julie Andrews
    10/25/95 PBS
The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen
    late 1995 Sci-Fi
Animaniacs - Pinky and The Brain
    Snowball (animated; voice only)
    1/20/96 FOX
    The New Olympians (animated; voice only)
    2/14/96 FOX
    Apocalypse Not (animated; voice only)
    2/24/96 USA
Dead Man's Island
    3/5/96 CBS
Today Show
    (on the set of Bullet Hearts)
    4/17/96 NBC
The Tracey Ullman Show
    Tracey Takes On...Nostalgia
    5/1/96 HBO
    Tyrone Power (interview)
    10/1/96 A&E
Sex and The Silver Screen
    (documentary series)
    10/96 SHO
    Alice Faye: the Star Next Door (interview)
    10/24/96 A&E
    Boris Karloff: The Gentle Monster (interview)
    10/28/96 A&E
The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest
    Cellular Journey (animated, voice only)
    11/9/96 CAR TBS TNT
Pinky and The Brain
    Welcome to the Jungle (animated, voice only)
    11/16/96 FOX
Remember WENN
    Don't Act Like That
    12/7/96 AMC
Unlikely Angel
    12/17/96 CBS
    Carmen Miranda: The South American Way (interview)
    12/31/96 A&E
20th Century Fox: The First 50 Years
    1/21/97 AMC
    segment on Elizabeth Taylor (comments)
    2/14/97 ABC
Gargoyles: The Goliath Chronicles
    Seeing Isn't Believing (animated; voice only)
    2/15/97 ABC
    Sonja Henie: Fire On Ice (interview)
    3/11/97 A&E
Turner Classic Movies' Preservation Showcase
    Introductions on restored films
    4/97 - 10/97(32 wks) TCM
    Barbara Stanwyck: Straight Down the Line (interview)
    5/12/97 A&E
    Andy Griffith: Hollywood's Homespun Hero (interview)
    9/1/97 A&E
Pinky and The Brain
    Brain Noir (animated, voice only)
    9/12/97 Kids WB
    Air Judy (animated, voice only)
    10/12/97 UPN
Pinky and The Brain Halloween
    Mr. Itch (animated, voice only)
    10/19/97 Kids WB
This Morning
    news show (interview)
    12/4/97 CBS
    Ida Lupino: Through the Lens (interview)
    3/24/98 A&E
Hollywood Salutes Easter Seals
    (taped dedication)
    3/29/98 Non-network
Louise Brooks: Looking for Lulu
    (documentary, interview)
    5/5/98 TCM
The New Batman Adventures
    Over the Edge (animated, voice only)
    5/23/98 Kids WB
    Myrna Loy (interview)
    7/9/98 A&E
Twiggy's People
    8/21/98 ITV in London, England
Special Presentation: Beyond Titanic
    (documentary, comments)
    9/6/98 A&E
Behind the Planet of the Apes
    (host & narrator, documentary)
    9/6/98 AMC
Planet of the Apes Marathon - 30th Anniversary
    9/7, 9/8/98 AMC
Pinky and the Brain
    Brainwashed - I am not a Hat - Pt 2
  (animated, voice only)
    9/15/98 Kids WB
Pinky and the Brain
    Brainwashed - Wash Harder - Pt 3
  (animated, voice only)
    9/16/98 Kids WB
The New Batman Adventures
    Animal Act (animated, voice only)
    9/26/98 Kids WB
    Roddy McDowall: Hollywood's Best Friend
    10/8/98 A&E
The New Superman Adventures
    Knight Time (animated, voice only)
    10/10/98 Kids WB
    Ava Gardner (interview)
    1/7/99 A&E
Repeat of the 1992 "Crazy about the Movies" episode
Intimate Portrait
    Lauren Bacall (interview)
    1/12/99 Lifetime
Godzilla: The Series
    Deadloch (animated, voice only)
    2/6/99 FOX Kids
Mary Pickford: A Life on Film   [top]
    (documentary, interview)
    11/3/00 HBO

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BRIDGES TO CROSS - TV Series  [top]
4/24/86 - 6/12/86 (6 episodes) CBS
Character name: Norman Parks(executive assistant/major-domo)
"Yesterday Upon A Stair"
"A Theory of Dark Thunder"
"Keeper of the Flame"
"Memories of Molly"
"Take a Cup of Kindness"
"Looks Like up to Me"

These five TV movies were aired on ABC in 1981.
Character name: Galen
Back to the Planet of the Apes(episodes - Escape from Tomorrow & The Trap)
Farewell to the Planet of the Apes(episodes - Tomorrow's Tide & Up Above the World so High)
Forgotten City of the Planet of the Apes(episodes - The Gladiators & The Legacy)
Life, Liberty, and Pursuit on the Planet of the Apes(episodes - The Surgeon & The Interrogation)
Treachery and Greed on the Planet of the Apes(episodes - The Horse Race & The Tyrant)