Publications About Roddy McDowall
compiled by Sally Mierop

Current Biography April 1961, Vol22
Article: "Roddy McDowall"
New York

The Films of Roddy McDowall
Author: David Castell
Publisher: Barnden Castell Williams Limited, London
©1975 38 p.

Roddy McDowall (An Unauthorized Biography)
Author: Staff of Rona Barrett's Gossip and Rona Barrett's Hollywood Magazines
Publisher: None stated
©1975 46 p.

Great Child Stars
Author: James Robert Parish
Publisher: Ace Books, New York
©1976 206 p.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star (don't have sex or take the car)
Author: Dick Moore
Publisher: Harper & Row, New York
©1984 303 p.

Films in Review Aug/Sep, Oct 1988
Author: Michael Buckley
Publisher: The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, Inc.
Article: "Roddy McDowall"

Actors: A Celebration
Author: Rita Gam
Publisher: St. Martin's Press, New York
©1988 230 p.

Hollywood Heroes - Thirty Screen Legends from King Arthur to Zorro
Author: David Hofstede
Publisher: Madison Books
©1994 282 p.

Movie Collector's World June 28, 1996
Author: L. E. Ward
Publisher: Arena Publishing, Inc.
Article: "Roddy McDowall - Actor of a Thousand Faces"

Scarlet Street The Magazine of Mystery and Horror No. 26/1997
Interviewer: Danny Savello
Publisher: Scarlet Street, Inc.
Article: "From Werewolves!"

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