Roddy McDowall: Theatrical Performances

Marquee from Dial M for Murder.

compiled by Sally Mierop with input from Roddy McDowall

Young Woodley Roger Woodley Westport Country Playhouse, Conn. 1946;
Beverly High School, Beverly, MA July 15, 1946;
Mexico City, March 1947
Vaudeville Tour sang Six months in various U.S. cities
which included Steel Pier, Atlantic City, NJ; Roxy Theatre, NY;
Capitol Theatre, NYC 1946
MacBeth Malcolm Salt Lake City Centennial, Utah summer 1947
The First Mrs. Fraser Ninian La Jolla Playhouse, CA 1948
The Hasty Heart Lachie Lobero Theatre, Santa Barbara, CA 1948;
Tucson, AZ 1949;
New Orleans, LA 1950;
Laguna Beach, CA 1950
O Mistress Mine Michael Brown Laguna Beach, CA 1950;
Sombrero Playhouse, Phoenix, AZ 1951
The Youngest Richard Cape Playhouse, Dennis, MA July 2, 1951;
Playhouse-in-the-Park, Philadelphia, PA 1952;
Pocono Playhouse, Mountainhome, PA 1952
Remains to Be Seen Kialdo Walton Alcazar Theatre, San Francisco, CA 1952
Misalliance Bentley Summerhays Broadway
City Center, NYC Feb. 18 to Mar. 1, 1953;
16 performances
Ethel Barrymore Theatre Mar. 6 to Aug. 1953
Charley's Aunt Lord Fancourt Babberley Playhouse-in-the-Park, Philadelphia, PA 1953
Debut Dabney Featherstone Municipal Theatre, St. Louis, MO 1953
Escapade Daventry Broadway
48th Street Theatre, NYC Nov. 18-28, 1953
13 performances
Highlights of the Empire
The Importance of Being Earnest
(scene 4)
Algernon Empire Theatre, New York May 24, 1953
Closing of Empire Theatre
The Homeward Look Edgar Cosgrove Theatre DeLys, off-Broadway, June 3, 1954
Aboard the Bandwagon
The Band Wagon
Inside USA
Flying Colors
Between the Devil
At Home Abroad
in revue Bucks County Playhouse, New Hope, PA 1954;
Gristmill Playhouse, Andover, NJ 1954
summer stock
Bell, Book and Candle Nicky Holroyd Stamford, Conn. 1955
Doctor's Dilemma Louis Dubedat Phoenix Theatre, NYC off-Broadway
Jan. 11 to Feb. 20, 1955
48 performances
American Shakespeare Festival
Julius Caesar
The Tempest

Octavius Caesar

Stratford, Conn. July, 12, 1955
Stratford, Conn. Aug. 1 to Sept. 3, 1955
No Time for Sergeants Ben Whitledge Broadway
Alvin Theatre, NYC
Oct. 20, 1955 to Oct. 1956
Diary of a Scoundrel Yegor Gloumov Phoenix Theatre, NYC off-Broadway
Nov. 5-25, 1956
24 performances
Good as Gold Benjamin Franklin Broadway
Belasco Theatre, NYC Mar. 7-9, 1957
4 performances
Compulsion Artie Straus Broadway
Belasco Theatre, NYC Oct. 14, 1957;
Ambassador Theatre, NYC
Oct. 24, 1957 to Feb. 22, 1958
140 performances
The Firstborn Rameses Hanna Playhouse, Cleveland, OH
Mar. 31 to Apr. 5, 1958;
Royal Alexandra, Toronto, Ontario
Apr. 7-12, 1958;
Colonial, Boston, MA Apr. 14-28, 1958
Handful of Fire Pepe Broadway
National Theatre, Washington DC Sept. 1-13, 1958;
Locust Theatre, Philadelphia, PA Sept. 15-17, 1958;
Martin Beck Theatre, NYC Oct. 1-4, 1958
5 performances
Look After Lulu Marcel Blanchard Broadway
Shubert Theatre, New Haven, Conn.
Feb. 16-21, 1959;
Henry Miller's Theatre, NYC Mar. 3 to Apr. 4, 1959
39 performances
Time's Fool
now known as
The Fighting Cock
Tarquin Edward Mendigales Broadway
Walnut Theatre, Philadelphia, PA Nov. 12-28, 1959;
ANTA Theatre Dec. 8, 1959 to Feb. 20, 1960
87 performances
Meet Me in St. Louis Boy-Next-Door Sacandaga, NY; Toronto, Ontario,
summer stock 1960
Camelot Mordred Broadway
O'Keefe Center, Toronto, Ontario Oct. 1-22, 1960;
Shubert Theatre, Boston, MA Oct. 25 to Nov. 1960;
Majestic Theatre, NYC Dec. 3, 1960 to Sept. 1961
The Astrakhan Coat Claud Broadway
Helen Hayes Theatre, NYC Jan. 12-28, 1967
19 performances 5 previews
Charley's Aunt Lord Fancourt Babberley Cirque Dinner Theatre, Seattle, WA Aug. 12, 1975;
Granny's Dinner Theatre, Dallas, TX Mar. 1976;
National tour May 10, 1976 to June 26, 1976
Ann Arbor, MI; Wilmington, DE; Montreal, Quebec;
Binghamton, NY; Hamilton, Ontario; Pittsburgh, PA;
Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Milwaukee, WI
Otherwise Engaged Simon Hench Parker Playhouse, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jan. 9 to Feb. 4, 1978
Harvey Elwood P. Dowd Fiesta Dinner Playhouse, San Antonio, TX Oct. 1980
44 performances;
New Orleans, LA 1980, 41 performances
Dial M for Murder Inspector Hubbard National tour Sept. 26, 1995 to Mar. 10, 1996
Detroit, MI; Norfolk, VA; Baltimore, MD; Milwaukee, WI;
New Haven, CT; Wilmington, DE; Denver, CO;
Minneapolis, MN; Green Bay, WI; Cleveland, OH;
Philadelphia, PA; Chicago, IL
A Christmas Carol Ebenezer Scrooge The Theater at Madison Square Garden, NYC
Nov. 18, 1997 to Jan. 4, 1998
96 performances alternating with Hal Linden

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